kathryne goes to france

le christ vivant!
8 April 2007, 11:17 am
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Today we went to an Easter service at la Cathédrale Saint André de Bordeaux. I’ve only been to a couple of catholic church services in the U.S., but I could tell that the format was the same. French hymns sound kind of funny. It takes more more syllables to say something in French than it does in English, so the lines sounded rushed even though the tempo was the same as it is at home. I liked that the service was in French. Even when I couldn’t understand all the words, I could tell what they were saying based on the context. Easter services are pretty standard no matter where you are.

On one hand, the service seemed totally normal. A baby cried, a cell phone went off, and an old lady sang too loud. Some people were dressed up and some were in jeans. The church officials collected an offering and gave communion, and we recited the Lord’s prayer. On the other hand, I was sitting in a cathedral with light streaming through stained glass windows as music played from a huge organ behind us. The interior of the church was cold, not because the air conditioning was turned up too high, but because we were in a huge stone building without a heater.

Toto, we’re not in Kansas anymore.


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Glad you made it to church for Easter services Kathryne.

Comment by John

Our services were great also. I had a whole row of family in one of the pews and they had to listen to one of my favorite anthems. We had a good time getting acquainted with a new uncle-in-law of yours. I thought of you in so many ways—-especially in serving angel food cake for Zane’s birthday party on Saturday eve here. Miss you much and love you, Grandma

Comment by John

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