kathryne goes to france

france makes me stupid
26 January 2007, 8:11 am
Filed under: bordeaux, college, exchange student, france, study abroad

France makes me feel like an idiot. I have my dumb moments in the U.S., but here, I am perpetually MR. My French accent is practically nonexistent. I can’t even order yogurt—which, by the way, is one of the only reliably edible items available at the cafeteria. The French word for yogurt is “yaourt.” Please take a gander at that word and note the three (3) vowels, looking so smug, all in a row. I dare you to say it. I tried my best today to say it right but it came out all wrong. All I could do after that was motion to the display case and make a circle the size of the yogurt container with my hands. It’s sad that after taking five years of French, I still have to rely on body language to communicate.

Yesterday I told a French guy, Fredéric, and his friend the wrong time to meet us. We wanted to meet him at 10 pm today. The French use 24 hour clocks, so I should have told him to meet us at 22h. Instead, I told him 20h.

Note to self: 12+10=22.


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