kathryne goes to france

sea change
24 January 2007, 4:37 am
Filed under: bordeaux, college, exchange student, france, study abroad

It seems that my mood went south with the weather. Until yesterday, I was focused on the good aspects about being here instead of the bad. All of a sudden the weather, which had been drizzly but decently comfortable, gave way and rain and flurries of snow started falling from the sky. It essentially feels like Oklahoma here, without any of Oklahoma’s perks (e.g. good food, easily accessible Internet service, and real toilet seats.)

Class. I endured three and a half hours of French class (in a row) today. My mind was wandering after the first thirty minutes. How is my attention-deficit self going to survive this semester?

Toilets. For some reason, the French decided to forego regular toilet seats and opted to sit on the toilet rim instead. Sick. I actually have favorite bathrooms based on cleanliness/toilet seat factors. Crazy, no?

Bathrooms. The co-ed bathrooms and showers in the dorms are particularly disgusting. The smell in the stalls can best be described as a subtle but undeniable cross between dissection chemicals and a Port-A-Potty. It’s not an overpowering stench, but it still makes the nose crinkle like after you drive past an angry skunk.

Showers. The showers are not so hot, either. Literally. The first time I took a shower here, I heard someone puking while I was washing my hair, and someone lit up a cigarette in a stall before I was finished rinsing out the conditioner. Since then, my showers have been sans puker, but with smoker. Why?

Noise. A girl on my hall (la mademoiselle de chambre 208) drives me crazy and I’ve never even met her. All I know is what her laugh sounds like. Each time I’m sitting in my room with the door shut and hear her laughing, I can’t help but imagine a hyena being mauled by a hungry lion. And she laughs all the time. Considering that laughing is my all time favorite thing to do, I’ll never have the heart to ask her to shut up. I do wish, however, that she would sound a bit less like a dying safari animal.

Don’t get me wrong, Bordeaux is pretty great. Things will be looking up after I get a new battery for my laptop.


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