kathryne goes to france

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20 January 2007, 3:46 pm
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So far, I have seen:

• two French midgets.
• a cat on a leash.
• an amazing black and white bird. I don’t know what kind it is, but it’s about the size of a crow, with a black head, white wings, and an iridescent blue/black tail. And of course I took a picture of it.

I have bought:

• the most beautiful pair of brown leather boots in all of Bordeaux. They were half off but they still cost big euros. Did I mention that they’re beautiful?
• postcards. With the help of my recently purchased international stamps and new address list, I’ll be sending them out tomorrow. Expect mail soon.
• as a sidenote, I plan to return from France with approx. 1000 new scarves.

I have noticed that:

• people brings their dogs around town with them. They’re even allowed in stores. The dogs are extremely well-behaved, and they somehow look a little different from American dogs. Je ne sais pas pourquoi.
• every time I go to McDonald’s (which is nearly ever day), I manage to knock over a chair. It’s weird.
• I find myself thinking that all French kids are brilliant. I’m amazed that a 7 year old can speak French better than I can.
flat escalators actually exist. Like instead of standing on a moving stairway, you’re standing on a moving hill. Why don’t we have those in the U.S.?
• due to all the moisture in the air, my hair is curlier/frizzier than ever before. The weather here is great, though, so I can’t complain.
• wearing shorts attracts entirely too much unwanted attention. I wore shorts yesterday when we went on a long walk, and I got hollered at on the way back to the dorms, a guy held the door open for me and said, “Demademoiselle,” which has never happened before, and one guy simply said, “beautiful” as I walked by. I’m not wearing shorts anymore.

Thoughts on food:

• Salmon is a pizza topping here. I love salmon, but I don’t know how I feel about eating it on pizza. Just doesn’t seem right.
• Chevre cheese looks like rotten slices of boiled egg. It comes on a lot of sandwiches and pizzas. According to Mandi, it tastes absolutely horrific.
• Salads here do not contain lettuce. They’re just a random amalgamation of tomatoes, sweet corn, shredded carrots, other vegetables, mixed with some creamy dressing. I would kill a Frenchman if it meant a caesar salad with grilled chicken (also impossible to find here) from Outback would magically appear in front o
• I found peanut butter! It’s hard to come by because it’s a specialty item around here. I think I ate peanut butter and honey on whole wheat bread for two meals today, but I didn’t really mind because it’s delicious.
• It’s surprisingly hard to find good food here. Sandwiches are everywhere, but they’re rarely made to order, and they’re often not heated up. I finally found a good sandwich today! We’ve also found a good pasta place and pizza place. The Thai restaurant was a disappointment, but there’s another one I want to try.
• Turkish food is inexplicably common. Kebabs and tabooli are popular.
• Lastly, I got an entrée from the cafeteria the other day and I still can’t figure out what it was. I think it can best be described as a sweet tortilla-like shell containing unidentifiable fish mush. Sick.
• The coffee is incredible. It blows Starbucks out of the water. It’s so rich tasting that it almost feels like there’s chocolate in your cup. I don’t know how else to describe it. It’s gooooood.
• Everyone here drinks expresso, which is really strong coffee brewed from an expresso machine when you order it. It’s funny to watch people sip on tiny coffee mugs. I need to try it. Lattes and huge sugary coffee drinks are practically nonexistent.


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Hey, i stumbled across your blog through the wonders of Word Press Tag Surfer! The bird you saw is probably a magpie. They like shiny things and steal them for their nests.

I’m not a bird nerd, but i have always liked magpies 🙂 Hope you’re settling in okay in Bordeaux; i’m in middle-of-nowhere Normandy.


Comment by judyb12

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